Mubarak Sacks Cabinet, Promises New Govt on Saturday

Protesters Insist President's Ouster the Real Priority

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak today sought to placate protesters demanding his ouster by promising to sack his entire cabinet, and name a new one at some point on Saturday. He insisted however that he would retain his position as president.

Which seems not to have satisfied protesters, and if anything convinced many of them to retake the streets after his speech, insisting his ouster was the only one that really mattered. Some had been calling for the removal of Interior Minister Habib El Adly, who is in charge of the police. It is unclear at this point if the promise to sack the cabinet will include his replacement.

A large portion of Egypt’s current cabinet came into place in July 2004, after the resignation of many in then-Prime Minister Atef Ebeid’s cabinet. Specualtion about what the “new” cabinet will look like is rampant right now, but there seems to be very little indication that they will mark a stark change in government policy, nor that they will be enough to calm the growing protests across the nation.

Though there seems to be a sense that the overall direct of the Egyptian government is far out of line with the will of its population, very little of the outrage is against random cabinet members, and the office of president seems to be the only one that matters for most protesters.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of