Analysts: Gates Announcements Won’t Stop Calls for Pentagon Cuts

Calls to Cut Spending 'Inevitable' Without New Wars

The efforts to “preempt” Congressional calls to cut the size of the military budget may have succeeded in gaining a lot of media coverage, but a number of analysts are warning that at best it will delay the call.

That pressure is going to be inevitable,” noted former US commander in Afghanistan David Barno, while others said such calls would certainly resurface in short order assuming no new wars erupt.

Which of course is a big assumption, as the administration is ratcheting up its role in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia while constantly threatening to attack Iran. It seems, then, that a new war, or at least something enough to justify keeping the record budget growing, is one of the safest bets in politics.

Despite announcing them as the “first significant cuts since 9/11,” the moves made by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates really only decreased the rate of growth of the military’s budget several years out, and assumes record breaking budgets annually through at least 2016.

The Republican House of Representatives is expected to examine at least some military budget cuts as part of its effort to cope with a massive budget deficit. The Pentagon insists the minuscule moves announced by Gates bring the record budget to the “bare minimum” it can accept.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of