US Warning the World Ahead of Next WikiLeaks Release

State Dept Cables Could Shame Governments the World Over

The Obama Administration is said to be warning a number of friendly governments across the planet that the upcoming WikiLeaks release, suspected to be a collection of State Department cables, will “probably erode trust in the United States as a diplomatic partner.”

Footage from a previous WikiLeaks releaseBut perhaps the bigger story is why – officials say that the documents include US diplomatic cables regarding the corruption of a large number of foreign governments and world leaders. Russia and Afghanistan are the only two nations mentioned specifically in the reports.

But they are not, apparently the only two nations in the documents, as a Reuters report says potentially embarrassing reports will be coming from East Asia, Central Asia, Europe and potentially elsewhere.

WikiLeaks reports that the document dump is “seven times bigger” than the previous Iraq leak, potentially in the realm of three million files. The WikiLeaks comments suggested the release in the “coming months,” but the US was warning allies it could come as soon as this week.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of