WikiLeaks Founder Assange May Seek Asylum in Switzerland or Iceland

Facing Growing International Condemnation, Assange Seeks Safe Haven

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange confirmed today that he is considering requesting asylum in Switzerland, or possibly Iceland, to escape a growing number of international calls to act against him. Assange says WikiLeaks is examining creating a foundation in Switzerland through which to operate.

WikiLeaks has been condemned by US officials as a grave threat because the whistleblower organization has published a number of seriously embarrassing classified military documents related to the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A number of hawks have called for direct military action against WikiLeaks in general, and Assange in particular, and the Senate is considering a bill that would label WikiLeaks a “transnational threat” to the United States.

Assange has recently been operating out of Sweden, but was denied a request for Swedish citizenship. An Australian citizen, Assange has been wary about traveling to many Western nations recently, fearing for his safety.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of