Officials: Photos Show US Soldiers Posing With Slain Afghan Civilians

Photos Being Withheld From Defense, Citing Fears They Might Go Public

The military has seized a collection of dozens of photographs related to the criminal killings of Afghan civilians by a number of US soldiers, but are trying to keep the photographs secret, withholding them even from the soldiers’ legal defense teams for fears of their publication.

The photos are being described as “grisly” by those familiar with them, and military spokeswoman Maj. Kathleen Turner says the images are “highly sensitive.” The photos are said to show soldiers posing beside recently slain civilians, and mutilated corpses.

The prosecution is arguing that there is a “national security interest” in keeping the photos away from the media, though as they would presumably have to be released if they are used as evidence in open court.

The troops were said to have shared the photos by email and passed them around on thumb drives. It remains entirely possible then that more copies of the photos are out there and may still become public despite efforts to stop them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of