Speculation: Anwar Awlaki May Be Surrounded

Yemeni Troops Definitely Surrounding Somebody in South Yemen

Speculation is flying tonight that the Yemeni military is close to capturing and-or killing American citizen Anwar Awlaki, the first US citizen to be officially confirmed as on the CIA’s capture or kill list. The basis appears to be a single Yemeni website, an English language version of which is not available.

Yemeni officials insist they have no idea exactly who they’ve surrounded in a village in South Yemen, but they’ve definitely surrounded somebody, and since Awlaki is somebody and is believed to be in the area, it might be him.

Yet sources say that the attack was aimed at cutting supplies for “extremists” in South Yemen, which could mean anything from al-Qaeda to one of the various separatist movements across the region. Awlaki certainly wasn’t a target and there doesn’t appear to have been any intelligence he was even there.

Though the US has been making efforts to assassinate Awlaki for quite some time, there are no outstanding charges against the New Mexico-born cleric, and officials have often cited his public speeches against US policy as proof that he is providing “aid” to terrorist group

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.