Obama: War With Iran ‘Not Ideal’

Insists All Options 'On the Table'

Top Republican Senator Lindsey Graham used today to openly advocate America starting a war against Iran. President Obama, ever the master of being slightly less hawkish than the next man, referred to the prospect of a war with Iran as “not ideal.”

At the same time, Obama would not discount the possibility that either the United States or Israel would attack the massive country, starting a war that would spread across virtually the entire region. To quote President Bush, which President Obama seems to be doing with increasing frequency, all options remain on the table.

Obama maintained that the US remains open to a “diplomatic solution” to its problems with Iran, a claim which is increasingly less credible every time the administration angrily condemns Iranian offers to hold talks.

The US has been threatening to attack Iran for years over its civilian nuclear program, despite repeated IAEA reports verifying the non-diversion of material from that program to any undisclosed purposes.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.