Seven US Troops Killed in Afghanistan as Violence Spikes

Bloody Weekend Also Sees Major Clashes, Attacks on Campaign Workers

Another bloody weekend in Afghanistan saw at least seven US soldiers killed in a number of attacks, and several major battles reported across the nation.

NATO forces say that at least 30 insurgents, including 13 “would-be suicide bombers” were also killed when they tried to attack military bases and government buildings in Eastern Afghanistan.

One of the bases attacked was Forward Operating Base Chapman, which was the center of CIA activity in southern Afghanistan and Pakistan until an attack by a Jordanian “triple agent” attacked a CIA surveillance center there in December.

In addition to the fighting between the occupation forces and the insurgency, growing violence was also reported against campaign workers preparing for the upcoming Afghan parliamentary election. At least five campaign workers and one candidate have been confirmed killed over the weekend.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of