At Least Seven US Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Three Other NATO Troops, Two Contractors Also Slain

At least 10 NATO troops were killed today, including seven US servicemen, in a series of attacks across Afghanistan. The nationalities of the other soldiers was not immediately apparent from NATO announcements. The casualties were in addition to five other troops killed over the weekend.

Five of the US troops were killed in a roadside bomb in Eastern Afghanistan, while one died in an IED bombing in the south and another died of small arms fire in Kandahar Province.

The attacks come as the Karzai government scrambles in an attempt to move forward with a reconciliation plan with the Taliban, though at this point there appears to be little momentum behind the push.

The attacks also make today one of the deadliest yet of 2010, as the war passes the 104 month mark, making it the longest war in American history.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of