After Kabul Attacks, Fears Taliban Is Focusing on Targeting NATO

Are Bold Attacks Start of a New Trend?

An attack on a US military convoy in Kabul Tuesday left six NATO soldiers dead, including five Americans. On Wednesday morning militants attacked Bagram Air Base, killing at least one soldier and wounding nine others.

Though attacks on the international forces in Afghanistan are not unheard of, the brazen nature of the attacks has some fearing that they me part of a new trend where the Taliban eschews strikes against the ineffectual Afghan security forces and starts concentrating on NATO forces directly.

Though two attacks are not necessarily indicative of a trend, the alarming rise in the number of US and NATO troops being killed in the war shows that it is already a very dangerous nation in which to be in NATO uniform, and that danger could well be growing.

Of course the other clear message is that the Taliban is capable of attacking any place in the nation. US claims of “progress” in the war had left many thinking that the Taliban might be more confined to a few strongholds now. These attacks, in the heart of the NATO-backed government’s capital, show clearly that this is not the case.

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