Settlers Attack Palestinian Village to ‘Protest Police’

Attackers Threw Rocks Through Windows

In a move they claim was aimed at protesting detentions by Israeli police, residents of the Yitzhar settlement in the West Bank attacked a nearby Palestinian village.

Though there do not appear to have been major casualties in the attack, settlers did considerable property damage to some homes, as they hurled rocks through windows. The Palestinians inside called for help, but it does not appear that the police responded until after the settlers already left.

In the aftermath, the Israeli police were said to have arrested four more settlers on unspecified “disturbances,” and all were released shortly thereafter.

The settlement has been at the center of the so-called “price tag” controversy, in which the settlers vowed to make Palestinians pay for any moves by the Netanyahu government to curb the growth of settlements.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of