Talks Continue as US Insists Iran Sanctions ‘Urgent’

Iran to Press US, Britain on NPT Violations

Another round of P5+1 talks on Iran sanctions was held today, with French officials touting the talks as “moving forward” and insisting that all the nations were “on board.

The claim was of course in direct contradiction to comments made by China only yesterday that they most assuredly are not in favor of sanctions, and they reiterated today that all they came out of the meeting with was an understanding of the other nations’ positions.

The US State Department reiterated its position today that the need for sanctions was “urgent” and the Obama Administration has indicated that they must have them in place within a matter of weeks. Despite this alleged urgency, officials concede Iran would likely not be able to produce a single deliverable atomic weapon for as many as six years, and that they still are not even attempting the production of any weapons grade uranium.

The US claims that Iran is in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT), a claim which it has yet to support with concrete evidence. But Iran appears poised to use the upcoming NPT talks to show that these issues work both ways. Reportedly, Iranian officials are planning to press allegations that both the US and Britain are in violation of their own NPT commitments.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of