Obama Claims ‘All Evidence’ Supports Allegations Iran Developing Nukes

Doesn't Detail Any of this 'Evidence'

Speaking today in an interview broadcast on CBS, President Barack Obama alleged that “all the evidence” available to him showed that Iran’s civilian nuclear program was secretly aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

The claim was just the latest in a long line of similar allegations by the Obama Administration and, as with the previous claims, did not come with any details on what all this evidence was, nor any explanation for why all the evidence available to the American public, up to and including the most recent National Intelligence Estimate on Iran, points in exactly the opposite direction.

Indeed, less than two months ago Obama’s own spokesman Robert Gibbs claimed Iran didn’t even have the ability to enrich uranium beyond 20 percent, let alone to rich to weapons grade, which would be above 90 percent. Just days after Gibbs made this statement he insisted that the US would not rule out attacking Iran.

In addition to the usual unsourced allegations, President Obama reiterated the repeated false claims from the State Department that the international community was “unified” against Iran, a claim which flies in the face of opposition to the US position by China, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, and other UN Security Council members.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.