Gen. McChrystal Declares Afghan Surge a ‘Success’

Cites Territory Seized Before Surge Was Even Announced as Proof

Somewhat of a shocking development, considering the situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, and most of the “surge” troops won’t even arrive for several months, but General Stanley McChrystal today declared the Afghan surge was already a success with “turned the tide” against the Taliban.

Though Gen. McChrystal conceded that the war isn’t entirely won yet, he insisted that considerable progress has been made, citing territory seized in the most recent Helmand Province offensives.

Interestingly enough, those offensives occurred in late summer and autumn, while the escalation wasn’t even announced by President Obama until early December.

While the administration is obviously eager to find evidence of some sort of progress in Afghanistan, it seems to be jumping the gun to declare a surge which has scarcely begun a success, and even less reasonable to cite dubious gains made months before the surge’s announcement as proof.

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