Clinton ‘Re-Backtracks’ on Israeli Settlements

The Obama Administration’s position on Israeli settlements is as changeable as the seasons, and like the seasons they appear to be starkly different depending on which country one is in. Nowhere was this more apparent than during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Marrakesh.

Over the weekend, Secretary Clinton was visiting with top Israeli officials, and publicly praised Israel for its commitment to peace despite its repeated refusals to halt settlement growth, and chastized the Palestinian Authority for holding on to demands that themselves were at the center of the Obama Administration’s position only a few months prior.

Now, following what is being described as a rather awkward meeting with Arab foreign ministers in Morocco, Secretary Clinton insists that the position she took just 24 hours ago isn’t really her position.

Instead, she praised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for taking steps toward peace and pressed for Israel to “reciprocate,” insisting that the United States still wanted Israel to freeze all settlement construction. At least that’s the position today.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of