Poll: Vast Majority of Pakistanis Oppose US Partnership

"The United States Is Seen as an Occupying Force"

A new poll shows growing opposition to the US role in Pakistan, with fully 76% of those surveyed saying they are opposed to Pakistan partnering with the United States on drone attacks against extremists.

The poll also showed that 80% were opposed to accepting any US assistance in their own assorted terror wars. Top media personality Kamran Khan said the poll was not surprising and that since the Iraq and Afghan invasions “the United States is seen as an occupying force and moving unilaterally against Muslim nations.”

Pakistanis have been seen increasingly resenting the US dominance over their foreign and domestic policy. Earlier this month US Ambassador Anne Patterson made headlines across Pakistan by getting a major critic’s column pulled from a top newspaper and condemning the nation for being “reluctant” in launching all the wars the US has sought along the Afghan border.

The poll was taken by the International Republican Institute, a group funding by the United States government and chaired by Senator John McCain. The full release will be made available on the group’s website by Friday.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.