US Kills at Least 12 in North Waziristan Strike

US Mulls Further Escalation of Drone Attacks

Last Updated 9/25 11:55 AM EST

A US drone attack killed at least 12 people in Pakistan’s North Waziristan Agency and injured at least two others. Pakistani officials say the target was a compound belonging to the Haqqani network, and said it was believed that the 10 slain in the attack were affiliated with the network.

The attack was apparently the first by the US in nearly two weeks, when a drone attacked a vehicle in the town of Mir Ali, killing four people including what they later claimed was an “al-Qaeda leader.”

Such attacks have been going on in North Waziristan for well over a year, and have increased in frequency and intensity since President Obama took office. Officials are reportedly debating whether or not to dramatically increase the rate of drone strikes once again in the area.

The strategy of increasing attacks on Pakistani soil appears to be backed by Vice President Joe Biden as another “new” strategy for the failing Afghan war, but objections have been risen that such attacks are not a substitute for the massive escalation of ground forces in neighboring Afghanistan.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of