Officials to War-Weary Americans: Al-Qaeda Still a Threat

Polls Show Americans Sick of Fighting an Endless War on Terror

Despite eight years of ever escalating war by the United States government, officials say that al-Qaeda remains a serious threat which is “very capable” of launching attacks against Americans.

Though officials maintain that the wars have put al-Qaeda “on the defensive,” they insist the organization is “regrouping” in Pakistan, though they have been unable to substantiate their beliefs that Osama bin Laden is actually in Pakistan.

But polls show that the menace posed by al-Qaeda is no longer enough to convince most Americans of the wisdom of fighting the global war on terror, and even Afghanistan, the conflict most directly associated with al-Qaeda, is now opposed by a significant majority of Americans.

The rhetoric, however, isn’t going anywhere, and one Georgetown University “expert” has guaranteed that following a withdrawal from Afghanistan “there would be a massive attack against the United States.”

It seems that even if this was the case, however, eight years of conflict have proven that the war isn’t going to end with the “defeat” of terrorism, and in many cases is in fact fueling new opposition to the US overseas.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of