Poll: Most Americans’ Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting

Few Support Obama Surge

Yet another poll, this time from the Washington Post and ABC News, shows that Americans are increasingly soured on the war in Afghanistan, with 51 percent saying the war is “not worth fighting” and only 24 percent supporting the Obama Administration’s escalation of the war.

Nearly twice as many as support the escalation think the US should decrease the number of troops in the nation. All those numbers were considerably less favorable for the Obama Administration’s hawkish position than the polls in previous months.

The results were largely in keeping with previous polls from CNN and the Associated Press, which also showed growing opposition for the war. All three polls have showed that the voters in President Obama’s own party are strongly opposed to his Afghan policy, even moreso than the general population.

Perhaps the one perplexing aspect of the poll was that by a 42-36 margin those polled believed that the US is actually winning the war in Afghanistan, bizarre given that even administration officials aren’t claiming this anymore but are focusing on the claim that the war is hypothetically winnable at some unknown future date. Fewer seemed to look favorably on general propositions however, such as the possibility that tomorrow’s election will lead to an effective government (only 3 percent were “very confident” of this).

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.