UN Considers Sanctions Against Eritrea

Security Council Blames Eritrea for Somali Insurgency

The United Nations Security Council is reportedly considering pressure from the African Union to impose sanctions against the Eritrean government for “undermining the Djibouti Peace Process” and supporting the insurgency in Somalia.

The council issued a declaration today publicly condemning “the recent attacks on the Transitional Federal Government.” Eritrea has been blamed for the weakness of the Somali goernment, and the US and the AU have claimed Eritrea is directly supporting the al-Shabaab movement.

Eritrea’s Foreign Ministry condemned the Security Council’s statement, saying it no authority to prop up the self-proclaimed Somali government, which it termed “illegitimate.” It added the Eritrean government will never recognize a government “externally imposed” on Somalia.

Eritrea supported the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in Somalia in opposing the 2006 Ethiopian invasion, ostensibly to repay the nation for its support in its own protracted war of secession with Ethiopia and while elements of the ICU have since taken control of parts of the dubious government of Somalia, the nation remains largely locked in a civil war over control of its major cities.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.