Dozens of Israeli Aircraft Involved in Sudan Attack

Attack 'A Warning to Iran,' Officials Insist

Israeli security officials today confirmed that dozens of aircraft, fighter-bombers and drones, were involved in the January attack against a truck convoy in Sudan, which killed at least 39 people and destroyed dozens of trucks allegedly loaded down with weapons.

The officials said that the United States was notified about the attack, but played no role in it. They added that it was meant to be a “warning to Iran.” Indeed, though former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert wouldn’t confirm the attack, he did say of it that it proved “no target is out of Israel’s reach.”

A separate report also claims that the US had warned the Sudanese government about the weapons smugglers ahead of the Israeli attack. The Sudanese government said the issue would be investigated, but the attack occurred shortly thereafter, leading to the Sudanese accusations of American involvement.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of