Rumors Grow That Netanyahu Wants to Bypass Livni in Kadima Talks

Netanyahu Meets Finance Minister

The question of whether or not to enter a center-right coalition government with the Likud Party remains a controversial one in the Kadima Party, and while party leader Tzipi Livni continues to publicly rule it out, Netanyahu isn’t giving up.

Today, the would-be prime minister met with Finance Minister Roni Bar-On, one of Kadima’s top Knesset members. And while it was officially called an “economic briefing,” analysts say it is part of an effort by Netanyahu to circumvent Livni and court other Kadima members.

The split in Kadima was already apparent, with reports that Shaul Mofaz also wanted to join the coalition (potentially taking the role of defense minister). Many in the party feel that Livni is being overly hasty in rejecting what they described as a “very generous offer” out of hand. Some remain optimistic that Livni will eventually come around to their way of thinking, but she may have a full-scale revolt on her hands if she does not.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of