Suicide Bombing Kills At Least 30 at Pakistani Shi’ite Funeral

65 Others Wounded in North-West Frontier Province Attack

The already simmering tensions in Pakistan’s tribal areas took another hit today, when a suicide bomber attacked the funeral procession of an assassinated Shi’ite leader in Dera Ismail Khan, killing at least 30 and injuring an additional 65.

The Pakistani army has been called in in the wake of the attack, a curfew imposed on the city and a “shoot on sight” order issued. Residents are urged to remain indoors and no timetable has yet been given for when the curfew will be lifted.

Police say a motorcyclist dropped off the bomber, who ran into the crowd of people before detonating his explosives. It is the second time in three month that a prominent Shi’ite was assassinated in the city and his funeral bombed.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of