Iran Waiting for ‘Concrete Offer’ From US

Iranian Speaker Open to Talks "Without Pre-Conditions"

In an interview today with Suddeutsche Zeitung, Iranian parliament speaker Larijani said that the Iranian government was “ready to talk without pre-conditions” with the United States, adding that he believes the nuclear issue is not unsolvable.

However, Larijani says the for the talks to be possible, the United States would have to make some sort of concrete offer, and that the Americans “must present their concept.”

Iran has expressed hopes, essentially since election night, that the Obama Administration would open the door to a radical rapprochement with the United States. Any rumors that the United States was close to moving forward with improving ties with Iran have been quickly and vociferously quelled by the administration, and Obama’s stance has been mixed, at best.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of