Israel, Hamas Argue Over Opening Border Crossings

Israel, Hamas Remain Far Apart on Ceasefire Details

Notwithstanding a handful of incidents, the truce in the Gaza Strip appears to be holding, and while the Israeli government and Hamas still aren’t talking to one another, the Cairo talks continue, aiming to work out a longer-term ceasefire between the two sides.

Among the details yet to be worked out is the length of the new ceasefire. While Israel was initially pressing for an open-ended ceasefire, the two sides have neared considerably. Hamas is offering a 12 month ceasefire, while Israel is proposing an 18 month ceasefire.

Yet that is not the only difference in the proposals. Hamas wants the border crossings opened as a condition for the ceasefire. Yet despite international pressure Israel has been reluctant to consider opening the border crossings to more than a very minor amount of humanitarian aid. The two sides also remain far apart on the question of prisoner exchanges, foreign troops in Gaza, and what role Fatah might have in the strip.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of