US Drone Strikes Kill Eight in South Waziristan

Third Missile Apparently Meant For House Lands Unexploded

A US drone launched a series of missile strikes today in Pakistan’s South Waziristan Agency, killing eight and injuring an unknown number of others. The attacks hit two vehicles in separate villages in the area early in the morning. The first strike also destroyed a nearby house.

A third missile was also reportedly fired at another house in Dabkot, not far from the first vehicle’s location. The missile landed unexploded on the ground. Local Taliban reportedly cordoned off the scene of the first attack and pulled bodies from the rubble.

The United States has launched dozens of air strikes into North and South Waziristan over the past several months, over public objections from the Pakistani government. Pakistan’s military has made much recently of its growing ability to shoot down the drones responsble for the attacks, but reports indicated that the only anti-aircraft fire came from tribesmen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of