US Bombs Afghan Police Station, Killing Seven

Police in the Afghan city of Qalat fired on American special forces during a raid on an opposition commander. American planes responded with an air strike on the police station, killing six policemen and a civilian whose nearby house was also hit. The commander of the police post was among the dead. At least 13 others were wounded in the attack. The US forces described it as “tragic case of mistaken identity on both parts.”

According to Zabul Province’s deputy governor, the special forces did not inform the police they were going to be in the area, and they assumed they were Taliban attacking the village. The US forces assumed that the police station was a militant hideout and called in a strike.

The Afghan Defense Ministry and Interior Ministry are investigating the incident. Afghan officials warned that the growing number of Afghan forces killed or wounded by international forces may strain ties between the allies.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of