At Least 160 Killed as Mumbai Battle Continues

Updated 11/28 1:15 PM EST

Terrorist attacks across the Indian city of Mumbai continue into their third day, with 160 people now confirmed dead, at least several hundred wounded, and Indian commandos still struggling to free hostages in multiple locations across the city.

The Oberoi hotel has reportedly been secured, and a raid of a Jewish center has reportedly led to the deaths of five hostages. Explosions and gunfire continue at the Taj hotel, where hostages appear to still be held. Reports across the city are still constantly changing, and though fatigue alone should bring the situations to an end relatively soon the situation is not over at the moment.

Speculation as to the motivations of the attackers continues today, with the latest reports suggesting that at least two of the attackers may have been British citizens. Britain is “intensively” probing the reports, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown cautioned against drawing early conclusions about the situation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of