Sources: Much of India’s Afghan Aid Funneled to Anti-Pakistan Activities

Lest we think that all the allegations flying across the India-Pakistan border in the past few days are headed in one direction, Pakistan’s Daily Times is reporting tonight on evidence which according to unnamed sources was gathered by Pakistani intelligence agencies, pointing to a plot against Pakistan’s financial capital of Karachi, originating in Balochistan, and with Indian funding.

According to the report, sophisticated weapons and foreign militants are pouring across the border from Afghanistan into Pakistani Balochistan. The sources say they believe that a “major portion” of the aid package India sent to Afghanistan has actually been funneled toward the “anti-Pakistan quarters” allegedly plotting in Balochistan. It is believed the militants are using the influx of arms and fighters in a plot against Karachi.

Pakistani officials seem to regard Balochistan with growing concern in recent days, sparked by map published in the New York Times showing a “Free Baluchistan” carved out of Pakistan and parts of Iran. One top Pakistani Senator, Talha Mehmood, accused India and the United States of plotting the disintegration of Pakistan to this end.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of