Catalonia May Call Snap Elections to Preempt Spanish Takeover

Spanish Officials Say Elections Are 'Not Enough'

Top officials in Catalonia say they are considering calling snap elections this week as a way to preempt the Spanish government’s attempt to seize the autonomous region outright. Spanish officials say this won’t work.

The argument is that because the Article 155 takeover is meant to be imposed just to lead to fresh elections, which Spain is hoping the anti-secessionists win, beating them to the punch and calling elections would make their takeover superfluous.

Spanish officials say they want the outgoing government to publicly disavow secession before that happens however, if they are to avoid the takeover, and officials seem set to impose a takeover no matter what.

What Spanish officials are saying about this being insufficient may not matter, however, if the snap elections are enough to convince the Spanish Senate not to vote in favor of the takeover. Stopping the takeover would go a long way to ensuring that Catalan’s next elections are free, as under Spanish rule, Catalonia would doubtless face severe restrictions on campaigning by pro-secessionist figures, many of whom are liable to be rounded up before the vote.

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