Russia Drops CNN Inquiry, Will Let Network Keep Broadcasting

Russia Says All Questions Answered

Amid a US push against Russian news channel RT, including forcing the company to register as a “foreign agent,” Russia’s own broadcasting regulator has announced they are withdrawing an inquiry into CNN International.

The inquiry suggested CNN International was violating Russian law, but officials now say all the questions have been resolved, and CNN International will be permitted to keep broadcasting within the country.

Russia has threatened to retaliate against US media for the moves against RT, noting that while Russia has never made such a move against foreign press, their law does allow “proportionate” measures in the case of a move like the US Justice Department’s.

A “proportionate” response is more likely to target a US government-sponsored media outlet, with Radio Free Europe claiming that Russia had “threatened” to force them to register as foreign agents, just as the US has done to RT.

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