Pelosi Sees Trump Signing Statement on Russia Sanctions as Sign He Might Wriggle Out of It

Trump Faults Bill He Just Signed as 'Clearly Unconstitutional'

President Trump signed the Russia sanctions bill this morning, providing a signing statement which angrily condemned the bill as “clearly unconstitutional,” and saying he wants to renegotiate the bill with Congress to make it “better.”

Since signing statements have in the past been used by presidents to claim that they aren’t going to comply with parts of the bill they don’t like, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) is already concerned that Trump’s statement suggests he’s going to try to wriggle his way out of the bill.

Pelosi said the very act of Trump objecting to the bill was a sign he was going to “reward Vladimir Putin’s aggression.” Of course, hostility within Congress toward Russia has been a main driver of this sanctions bill in the first place.

Trump’s ability to “wriggle out” in this case is unclear, however, as a lot of the bill is just the imposition of new sanctions, and the one part he seems to really object to is the limits on easing sanctions, which he’s shown no inclination to do at any rate.

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