Tillerson: Trump Will Be ‘Really Tough’ on NATO

Will Demand More Military Spending During Brussels Visit

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson say that during his Thursday visit to Brussels, President Trump will be “really tough” on the other NATO member nations, and that how really tough he’s going to be will “be the core of his message to NATO.”

Trump is expected to focus, as US presidents always do, on demanding that NATO member nations dramatically increase their military spending, with an eye toward getting the spending up to at least 2% of their respective national GDPs. Most nations in NATO don’t spend so much.

Many of the nations, including Germany, have made it clear they have no intention of spending 2% of their GDPs on military force, which would be a pointless economic burden for nations with large economies and little to no practical uses for their military.

The US has been trying to play up the idea of conflict with Russia as a justification for a major military buildup in Eastern Europe, but even with that buildup taking place, few nations see a need to increase their spending to anywhere near that rate, and no expectation and the Russia threat is ever going to amount to anything.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.