US Rules Out Netanyahu Accompanying Trump to Western Wall

US Rules Out Netanyahu Accompanying Trump to Western Wall | Trump will be accompanied by rabbi, not PM

Tensions surrounding the US recognition, or lack thereof, of the Western Wall as Israeli territory became an issue because President Trump, who will be visiting Israel next week, wants to visit the Western Wall privately, without Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. US diplomats defended this because the Western Wall is in the occupied Old City.

Days of Israeli outrage later, the White House hasn’t changed their mind. Trump is still planning to visit the Western Wall, and will be accompanied by the on-site rabbi, not Netanyahu. Trump will meet Netanyahu beforehand for dinner, but will follow that up with the private trips, making the rounds.

Israel had previously sought to insist on Netanyahu accompanying Trump, to which US consular officials noted that the Western Wall is in occupied territory and that it wasn’t Israel’s call either way. Administration officials have since dodged the specific question of whether or not the US recognizes the Western Wall as part of Israel, though legally speaking the answer has always been no.

This issue is likely to be a major one among Trump’s visit, as the visit coincides with Israel celebrating the 50 year anniversary of conquering the West Bank, meaning Trump will be expected to dance around Israel’s claims of an “eternal, united capital” in the midst of celebrating when they c

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  • RickR35

    Another reason no US President should visit israel. It’s a lose-lose situation.

    • Eileen Kuch

      I agree with you 100%, Rick. Bibi Boo-Boo’s a nutcase to begin with. The US is totally under Zionist control (and has been since LBJ was POTUS).
      The first three Presidents after WWII never visited Israel (I’m not sure about LBJ or Nixon) .. In fact, JFK had accused Israel of stealing uranium and plutonium from the US and using those ingredients to produce both nuclear and nuclear weapons. He also demanded the IAEA Inspectors be allowed to inspect the Dimona Nuclear Facility for such weapons. Whether or not the demand was heeded by then Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, nobody knows. Anyway, six months after that demand was issued, JFK was assassinated and LBJ reversed that demand.
      The first President I know of who did visit Israel was Jimmy Carter, and every successor since has done so.

      • Johnson11b

        We Americans support sister democracies,
        but we’re not under their control.

        • MvGuy

          How R those investigations into Saudi Financing of the nine eleven perps going, or have they been able to BUY their way to keep their PART of this WORST EVER 3000 DEAD HIDDEN???

          “We’re not under their control”. LOL…? Check the TRUMP KISSING SAUDI ASSES in Road only moments ago…

      • Tinagmaxwell

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  • CuriousNC

    This is going to be interesting. What happened to the rest of the last sentence in the article?

  • Caesar_Saladin

    This was interesting- especially the part a

  • curmudgeonvt

    Now, seriously… No one really thinks that they are going to dissuade Bibi from doing what HE wants, do they? He may not necessarily accompany The Orange One into the occupied Old City but you can be sure Netanyahoo will get his pound of flesh.

    The Donald is going to find out that Bibi always gets his way, especially on his home court. And never ever forget about the loose cannons with which Bibi has surrounded himself. They’ve proven that they will do just about anything to get their message across.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    If Trump puts on one of those skull caps and humiliates himself by paying homage to the a FAKE “war monger” god, YHVH, the Lord of Hosts and the God of Israel will not be happy.