Official: Trump Will Ask Israel to Curb West Bank Settlement Growth

Official: Trump Will Ask Israel to Curb West Bank Settlement Growth | Palestinians aren’t demanding freeze, but Trump wants building slowed

A “senior White House official” is being quoted in the Jerusalem Post as saying that during next week’s visit to Israel, President Trump will ask Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to curb the rate of expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank.

The US and Israel held negotiations previously, trying to come to an agreement on growth rates, but despite Netanyahu playing up his interest in making such a deal, he spurned every specific offer, and followed it up with continued expansion at a large rate.

Much of the far-right Israeli government favors settlement expansion even faster, believing Trump’s pledges to be “pro-Israel”  mean he will more or less look the other way no matter what Israel does, and protect them from any international repercussions at the UN Security Council.

Trump does, however, seem interested in kick-starting the peace process, and seems to recognize massive territory seizures in the West Bank could imperil that. It is noteworthy that Trump is trying to curb the settlements a day after it was announced the Palestinians had backed away from settlement freeze as a precondition for talks.

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  • curmudgeonvt

    “…curb the rate of expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank.”

    I’m sure Netanyahoo is not going to agree to that demand, first, because the far-right nutcases in his government won’t let him, and he won’t push them to change their plans, and second, he really doesn’t like to be told what he can and can’t do. And he knows that no matter how disrespectful he is toward the US and especially US Presidents, he owns the US Congress and will continue to get what and as much (or more) as he wants.

    • CuriousNC

      They are also using Russia-gate to weaken the President. I agree there will be no consequences for Israel not doing it. I don’t know what President Trump is thinking if this is true. Israel holds all the power. He isn’t going to stop protecting Israel at the UN. Israel doesn’t want a deal.

      • Eileen Kuch

        I sadly agree .. Bibi Boo-Boo’s not only going to agree to Donald Trump’s demand to curb the settlement expansion rate, he and his gov’t. are also using Russia-gate to weaken President Trump. I also sadly agree there’ll be no consequences for Israel not doing it. Israel, indeed, holds all the power, and he’s not going to stop protecting the Zionist Entity at the UN .. Israel doesn’t want a deal at all.

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