Syrian Doctors Crowdfund Underground Hospitals Amid Air Campaign

Cave Hospitals Irreplaceable in Certain Regions of Syria

As the seemingly endless Syrian Civil War means constant airstrikes in several heavily populated parts of the country, hospitals have repeatedly been damaged, and sometimes destroyed outright. Obviously repairs are constantly underway, but doctors in same parts of the country have come up with a novel solution, relocating underground.

Hama has one of the earliest and best example, with Central Cave Hospital praised as one of the safest hospitals around, some 17 meters underground. Other areas with heavy airstrikes like Idlib Province have doctors working on their own, often having to pay much of the cost themselves.

For a country where there’s a ton of aid money to be had, the efforts have been struggled with legal issues surrounding the construction of new hospitals, with new underground hospitals considered “development,” and not “humanitarian” aid.

In some cases, this has been resolved by adding on underground annexes to existing hospitals, though in many cases, there appears to be a lot more interest in replacing the current hospitals outright with cave-based operations.

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  • Bianca

    More Soros creative “solutions” to help terrorist continue ravaging the country and killing civilians. After White Helmet intelligence operation, this one smells of the same stupidity. Leave it up to international money bags, stupid taxpayers in the West, and the theatrical excellence of British imperial cuteness, and we are treated once again to the Oscar worthy performance. And why is there a problem with hospitals? Because “rebels” will cut of anyone’s head and arms if they try to set up a hospital that is not under their control. And Government is not in all those cases able to help, so their approval or disapproval is irrelevant. However, it would be a sign of respect that anyone trying to set up any facility in Syria at least contacts the relevant Government institution, so that whatever assistance can be given — there is some coordination. But quite the opposite, these are ventures meant to be AGAINST the government, and to top it off, these manipulators have all those doctors hostages. They want to help people, but I doubt very much they want to work under the orders of terrorists. The same ones that will tell them to kill Syrian soldiers if caught alive, ignore civilians and treat on a priority basis their fighters. All that has been seen before, all transparent, all highly tiresome.

    But as much as we talk about the lying press that are PAWNS of interests in the shadows, the FIRST thing we do — is to give credence to information coming from the official sources, without even expressing some skepticism until over time things become clearer. And we never, and I mean NEVER

    • You speak like you like war. I am very skeptical… “Bianca”. I noticed you speak Russian as well as English.

      • Bianca

        I like war? You either did not read what I said or missed all the points. Sounds amazing, but possible. You are skeptical … “Stefan Reich”?

  • Bianca