Navy SEAL Killed in Somalia Was Fighting Alongside Local Troops

Troops Were on 'Advise and Assist' Operation

The latest n a growing series of examples of US troops deployed abroad on “non-combat” missions and being thrust immediately into direct combat, the Pentagon is confirming that US Navy SEAL Kyle Milliken, the first US soldier killed in Somalia in decades, was on the front-lines when he was killed.

The SEAL was on an “advise and assist and accompany” mission which went wrong, and was killed by al-Shabaab fighters. Two other Americans were also wounded in the operation, including an interpreter. Officials say the troops were meant to fall back before they reached the target area.

They didn’t, and instead the mission failed almost immediately, with everybody, Americans and Somalis, withdrawing after several were hit. Officials say they don’t think the Shabaab fighters deliberately targeted the Americans, because it was too dark to tell who they were aiming at, and just shot.

“Advisory” missions have become the common way of labeling US overseas operations in recent years, by way of presenting themselves as doing something short of fighting full-scale wars. This facade evaporates pretty quickly, however, whenever casualties happen, as it turns out that the troops are every bit as much combat troops as ever.

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  • David Colpo

    Team 6 founder Richard Marcinko has written in many, if not all, of his books (granted that most are fiction, but he says he weaves a lot of non-fiction into those tales) that “advisors” are regularly involved in direct action, since they understandably need to be leading from the front and also keep their own eyes on the action, in order to provide further advice that’s actually meaningful. So we can safely assume that the only Special Operators who aren’t involved in direct combat are those training foreign troops who aren’t involved in combat, either.

  • eric

    Isn’t the NWO supporting Al Shabaab and AlQaeda in Syria and fight them in Somalia . How can we win ? Supporting both sides and than moving the refugees here because the NWO selects our refugees