US Carrier Parked Off Iran Complains Iranian Surveillance a ‘Nuisance’

US Carrier Parked Off Iran Complains Iranian Surveillance a ‘Nuisance’ | Accuses Iran of ‘naked aggression’ in having boats off their own coast

The USS George H.W. Bush, an American aircraft carrier parked perpetually off the coast of Iran, appears to have attracted the attention of Iran, and officials say that Iran’s use of surveillance drones to keep an eye on the massive US warship is a “nuisance.”

Officials also hyped the presence of small Iranian naval boats operating off the coast of Iran, claiming them to be “naked aggression” for sometimes being close to the US carrier, despite also appearing to have never actually left Iranian waters by all indications.

US officials have repeatedly made a big deal about Iran having ships off their own coast, while Iranian officials have responded by saying that they think a better question is why the US warships are 7,500 miles away from their own territorial waters, and constantly looming around Iran’s coasts.

The US has had warships off the Iranian coast for years, mostly to shore up their constant threats to attack Iran. Iran, by contrast, has focused on a small, coastal navy whose use would be purely defensive. Given the mostly offensive nature of the US presence, that Iran is preparing to defend itself will always be a sore spot.

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  • chris chuba

    Our carriers are in international waters as are their aerial drones. We have had our drones forced to land in Iran because they violated Iranian airspace. We frequently test Iranian air defenses by patrolling on the border of theirs.

    Sigh, time for another crazy headline from FOX and/or Freebeacon, if they aren’t making hysterical claims about another Iranian wonder weapon.

    • Adriaan de Leeuw

      No the Drones are in Iranian Airspace, which is WHY the US cannot shoot them down, they would actually do that if they were in International waters! As for the testing of US defenses the US complained loudly the other day that Russian Aircraft including their latest fighters (actually NO) were within 50 miles of the US coast but hey they were in International waters and they were probing US air defenses, of course that from any one else but the US is unprofessional behavior!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      The Washington Freebeacon is especially bad and unfortunately, Drudge often links to it.

      • Sam Nelson

        Drudge like Jones is running a business, whatever sells newspapers is admissible. Holding the hand’s of the people who will kill us first chance they get strokes the tender spots on the religious idiots who just want -TO LIVE FOREVER. Everyone, everything, is all for themselves, try working with a nation or world of them, heck, they will eat their own kind even as they preach the love of god! Obvious selfishness, obvious idiocy, don’t show your own carelessness by writing to it.
        I have been bored lately, so, I am looking for a fight, someone out there just try to defend the idiocy that has the enemy getting all the love.

    • Sam Nelson

      Our leadership is infested with men and women who are the scum of the Earth. Men and women who found a way in through the craziness of people who wish for their own demise. Rather, through the wish for the demise of US, do they find their entrance into our front ranks. What would any of us do if we were faced with the same problems our leadership is faced with; would you have twenty of us lifting a basket five feet to get a bucket of concrete to the top of a hundred foot construction. Full employment? I tell you this, give these people you “love” so much the money and power you have and they will forget about you if not participate in the murder of you. Better wake up and no, I am not a MSM fan, neither do I support the idiocy of Alex Jones and his spiritual remedies for every thing under the Sun. The Remedy is: tell the useless eater’s, we are going to put an end to your kind one way or the other, either stop the foolishness you are part of or suffer the consequences of your thoughtless laziness. Rather religious or economic, acting compassionate only invigorates the disease. If the Muslims had the nuclear capabilities Israel has what would they do to US, considering what they do today with what they do have?

  • Mark Thomason

    The real problem is the threats to attack. The carrier is just one symptom.

  • John Ellis

    All for show, for on the first day of a nuclear war, all seven
    of our aircraft carriers will be at the bottom of the sea.

    • Adriaan de Leeuw

      Absolutely there will be multiple Nuclear weapon attacks on every one of them from several nations! Voyage to the bottom of the sea!

    • Sam Nelson

      John Ellis: You write this- “All for show, for on the first day of a nuclear war, all seven of our aircraft carriers will be at the bottom of the sea” -as if you wish it?

  • Adriaan de Leeuw

    Ah the American Gunboat diplomacy is a problem now because drones can go close annoy, they dont know whether they are armed but worse the drones are still in Iranian waters and an attack would not look good from the US. Serious embarrassment for the US as well, looking like a right proper bunch of fools! If the Iranians got real clever they would put Iranian vessels on the inside of their Territorial waters by a hundred metres and sail headlong into the US fleet sailing a few metres outside the waters, the US Warships would have to give way under international law. WHO would be sailing dangerously in such a case…………NOT Iran. Remember the story just the other day of the so called Russian Aggression flying fifty miles to the seaward side of the US in the Bearing strait and the American complaint about such a thing, The US Carriers sail literally metres outside the Iranian waters and then complain when Iranian warships intercept them!

    • Sam Nelson

      So, why don’t we all just turn against our own, that’ll make everything just fine. Fool’s, we are in a war for what is left of the Earth. Whose side are you on anyway? Self hatred, only makes fools of us all. Oh, but you love your children, right? Such, ignorance is mind boggling.

  • PJ London

    Drones and little ships are the least of your problems.
    Kowsar, Nasr-1 , Noor (missile), Persian Gulf (missile), Qader (missile),Raad (anti-ship missile),Zafar (anti-ship missile), all land based and most of them can reach any location in the Gulf.
    There are no adequate defences against them.
    Good luck with shooting the drones down, or being aggressive towards the little boats.
    Iran remembers Flight 655, never forget, never forgive.

  • Sam Nelson

    What people will not do must be done for them. The Earth is being overrun by people who have no desire to live in peace, to maintain proper populations, to care for themselves or their own. If the world powers do not contain and control these billions of people, then the whole Earth will be ran over by them, the resources of Earth squandered and devoured by them. We who have curtailed our populations and are in the process of curtailing the demands we make on Earth had better quit feeling sorry for the people who ignorantly screw themselves and us into oblivion. Dying of starvation is not so bad, just ask, if you could, the other not-human creatures living in the same space as these billions of useless eater’s live. The whole of the Earth, including the root systems of the plants are being devoured by these ruthless, human, creatures, that have no desire nor any intentions of changing anything about the way they live or the terror, the horror, their living is causing all the other living things on Earth. I feel no sympathy nor any empathy for them, they have made their bed now let them lay in it. The worst part of all this is the fact that the people trying to save us and the Earth have to do everything in a way that these useless eater’s do not garner the support of even the people who have already paid a serious price for the negligence of humans in the past. The millions already in the grave, having suffered from the effects of wars and the plotting of the useless eater’s in sheep’s clothes. The fact that good people, honest people, have to be labeled, beaten down, so what is necessary can be done without arousing the billions of useless eater’s just waiting for an excuse to turn on humanity. Look at what they do to us in Europe and everywhere where they find a root in the good soil of humanity, grown up. We will be devoured and by our own bleeding heart’s will we suffer the most.