Trump: Would Be ‘Honored’ to Meet North Korean Leader

Conditions Meeting on Being 'Under the Right Circumstances'

While President Trump is often criticized in the media for his excessive bellicosity on certain issues, he is never quite so roundly and universally condemned by mainstream outlets as when he’s talking peace. That fact was underscored today, when he told Bloomberg News he would “be honored” to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Despite Trump offering several qualifiers about talks if “appropriate” and “under the right circumstances,” which suggest it almost certainly will never happen at all, was loudly panned. Indeed, many outlets that offered at most tepid reporting of international concern Trump was about to attack North Korea were quick to lash out at the very idea of diplomacy.

That Trump seems to have at least backed away from his threats to attack a little bit is a relief to many, and the possibility of the US moving away from launching a major regional war and toward direct diplomacy should be a reason for applause, even if it is clearly very much a long shot.

President Obama certainly was never this heavily criticized for suggestions of diplomacy, during the 2008 campaign suggesting he was open to meeting with both the leaders of Iran and North Korea, saying refusing diplomacy on the idea it amounted to “punishing” the other nation was ridiculous.

Of course, President Obama never met with either, as diplomacy in conflict with the status quo became a lot less convenient in practice than it was in theory. Still, the idea that the US might negotiate with nations they aren’t on the best of terms with appears to have become dramatically more controversial.

This was also underscored with President Trump’s early talk of meeting with Russia and trying to negotiate a rapprochement. While President Obama was able to do a “Russian reset” with relative ease, even Trump’s suggestion that having better US-Russia relations would be a good thing was a target of derision across the press and Congress, with many clearly deeply invested in continuing acrimony.

The anti-diplomacy bias that exists now has become almost preposterous, as even the likes of Dennis Rodman can’t visit North Korea without it becoming a huge negative story. With President Trump is clearly never going to visit Pyongyang, at this point it seems like even suggesting he might conceivably be in the same room as Kim is a step too far for many.

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  • John_Smith001

    IF he means it, that could be a good thing. You never know with him but it is looking like he is just trying to look diplomatic. If he does he should leave his cabinet at home in favor of Dennis Rodman.

    • eric

      Very good comment John Trump has a NWO cabinet That is stuck on telling the whole world the rules . Trump ran for office as a Nationalist that wants to mind his own business . Trump fell behind even Obama when he quickly Bombed Syria’s airbase for using a false flag Sarin gas attack that Obama even allowed to slide by .Presently Trump looks more like a very aggresive NWO president . Maybe even more aggresive than our last 4 NWO presidents . NWO presidents generally work harder for a world government than keeping America safe .

  • Which distinctly sphincter shaped orifice was this communication excreted from? I can never tell.

    • BoltzmannsLaw

      the Oval Orifice, where his own much lauded predecessor, the Nobel War laureate, excreted his deceptions and misinformation on a daily basis

  • Duck_of_Death

    Yes, we should talk with North Korea. But “honored”? By all accounts Kim Jong Un is a murderous dictator with multiple prison camps akin to concentration camps and generally starves his people, on many levels no less. Where’s the honor in that?

    • Technically, we’re the ones starving the people of North Korea. No one seems to put together the basic math that the famines began when our sanctions did.

      • wars r u.s.

        And we know they’re going to starve and yet we still do it.

        • Bill__Bailey

          “We have heard that half a million children have died (in Iraq). I mean, that’s
          more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth
          it?” and (Sec. State) Albright replied, “We think the price is worth it”

    • “By all accounts”?

      There are lots of accounts which say no such thing. Not one single person who has visited North Korea – and it’s easier to visit than America in the Age of Trump – has ever seen any starving person. Could you kindly attempt to prove your contention that “all accounts” say what you claim?

      • Wow — only Monday and already a strong contender for “dumbest thing Tom Knapp has read this week.” Would 30 seconds on Google have killed you?

        • Gary Sellars

          Anti DPRK garbage… NK is no paradise but it’s not the craphole it’s made out to be

        • Jeffrey Fein

          Take a camera into the catacombs of the NY subway system and photograph the wretched creatures who live in that underworld. Then take your video, put it on YouTube and, and assert that this is the misery that vast numbers of Americans must endure. It’s true, but it’s also a lie.

          Check out the videos made by the White Helmets.

          The world is awash in propaganda. Video images are crafted to serve an agenda. Identify the source of your “information”, who pays them, and what their paymasters want you to believe,… and why.

          A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a thousand words are a lie.

        • I suppose for libertarians, propaganda from paid defectors is fine.

          • Duck_of_Death

            That was an enlightening article. Thanks.

      • Duck_of_Death

        I guess you go by alternative “facts”.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      At this point anything the media and government tells me is a fact

      I am prepared to believe the exact opposite is the true.

      • Duck_of_Death

        That’s more than a little simplistic. How about critical thinking and a little research?

        • Bill__Bailey
        • ThorsteinVeblen2012

          And your’s is not a simplistic world view?

          I would suggest the same critical thinking on your part.

          Begin with I F Stone’s book on the Korean war. Look at the series of American interventions ever since, coups, invasions, subversion and invasions. Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile, Nicaragua, Grenada, Libya, Iraq,Syria, Ukraine.

          This government doesn’t represent any high minded idealism. It enforces a hegemony of global capitalism that exploits resources and subjugates indigenous peoples.

          Is Korea significantly worse than Saudi Arabia, Chile under Pinochet or Indonesia under Suharto?

          Did our meddling make Iraq, Libya or Syria better places?

    • Jeffrey Fein

      Be careful what you believe about North Korea. It all comes from the MSM/DeepState/CIA, which has configured NK as a small potatoes boogieman to fill in on weekends when the big boogieman is taking time off and the MIC publicity department needs a fill in.

      How many countries is NK bombing these days on a daily basis? Compared to say,…the US?

      Be aware that the demonization of NK in the US media goes completely unopposed. The other side of the story is missing. It’s a unique case. The Kool-Aid is pure and unadulterated.

    • eric

      I no longer believe every thing I have been told by the news media . I even trust Dennis Rodman more . Maybe Dennis should run against Trump

  • Tom Mauel

    Trump believes he would have prevented the U.S. civil war. He should worry about the various civil wars he is escalating throughout the middle east and North Africa.

  • Halit

    That is the good start.
    After all he has learn something from political training last 100 days in office.

  • BWV

    Trump seems to say one thing, his team says something else, and then he does what his team recommends. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to stick to his campaign rhetoric or instincts. The swamp smothers him.

  • How dare he use common sense!

  • unam_sanctum

    He’s lying. next…

  • pshr

    When the going gets tough, American pussies cave in. Effing cowards!!!

  • rosemerry

    Why on earth did Trump not meet with Kim, or at least the officials in the planned visit already designated, a few weeks ago instead of cancelling the talks?

  • David S

    Fellow sociopathic egomaniac.