Trump Not Ruling Out Attacking North Korea

'I Don't Know, I Mean, We'll See'

After weeks of mounting international concerns about the possibility of the United States attacking North Korea, President Trump appeared extremely non-committal about the possibility of him ordering such an attack, insisting he wasn’t going to rule it out.

I don’t know, I mean, we’ll see,” Trump insisted on CBS’ Meet the Press. This was a surprisingly mild response after weeks of talking about “taking care of” North Korea and bragging about dispatching a “armada” to the Korean Peninsula with an eye toward such a strike.

In these most recent comments, President Trump was back to suggesting that China might solve the situation for him, bragging about his “very special” relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trump had previously conceded expectations of China imposing a solution on North Korea were unrealistic, and that the situation was more complicated than he’d initially believed. Since then, administration officials have repeatedly gone back to talking up China ensuring the US gets its way on the Korean Peninsula.

After last week’s briefing of the entire US Senate at the White House, senators seem to still think that attacking North Korea is a very real possibility, with the ever-hawkish Sen. John McCain (R – AZ) saying it would be “foolish” to rule out an attack, while he too suggested China could use its leverage to resolve the dispute.

The US continues to deploy more forces into the area around North Korea, and with wargames with South Korea ongoing, which simulate an attack on the north, many remain concerned that the real attack could be coming at any time.

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  • John_Smith001

    We’ll see … if I need media cover for whatever sketchy stunt my administration is pulling.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Now, that, John, is utter stupidity on Donald Trump’s part. Was he really that stupid when he was a business mogul? I doubt it very much; because, if he was, he’d have never reached the top spot in the businesses he ran.
      Truth is, Trump’s just as inexperienced and ignorant in foreign policy matters as was his predecessor, Barack Obama .. The difference between them is that Obama was just as inexperienced/ignorant in domestic policies as well.
      Attacking North Korea would be suicidal. Period. Trump should study the 1950-53 Korean war carefully and learn from the disaster that it was. USA forces did successfully invade N. Korea .. However, when they neared the Yalu River, massive Chinese forces (who had been watching the advance carefully from their side of the Yalu) poured into N. Korea and drove the totally shocked USA troops back across the 38th Parallel and inflicting heavy casualties, to boot. This turned out to be a massive defeat for the USA.
      The fact that a peace treaty was never signed in the 1953 negotiations (only an armistice was signed), belies the fact that the war was never really over. For decades, 3 generations of North Korean leaders had requested a peace treaty be signed, but the USA had refused to do so. Had such a treaty been signed, there wouldn’t have been all these tensions between the two Koreas,

      • John_Smith001

        I honestly think that Donald Trump mainly benefited from an organization that was built by his father along with the fortune. He has some skill in media and populace manipulation but I just don’t see him as anything more than a man of much more than average intelligence.

      • Trump didn’t “reach the top spot” in the businesses he ran. He STARTED in the top spot at the businesses he ran, and generally stayed there until he drove them into the ground, abandoned them to bankruptcy and moved on to the next scam. He was born into wealth built on sweetheart government contracts and has practiced the welfare queen ethos his whole life.

  • wars r u.s.

    I wonder if John McCain has to take Viagra to get a potential war boner?