Serbia Warns Albania Bid to Annex Kosovo Could Lead to War

Serbian Official: EU, NATO Must Rule Out 'Greater Albania' Push

Serbian officials are warning that the Albanian ambitions to absorb Kosovo could easily lead to another war in the Balkans, and that NATO and the European Union need to publicly rule out that possibility in an effort to forestall another ethnic war spanning the region.

The status of Kosovo is a big sore spot in the region, after NATO’s 1999 war imposed a separation of Kosovo from Serbia, which was supposed by the Kosovar Albanian majority but widely opposed by ethnic Serbs in Kosovo. Kosovo’s independence is heavily contested, with a number of countries refusing to recognize it.

The issue is coming to a head, however, after Albanian Premier Edi Rama’s comments last week suggesting that Albania could “unify” with Kosovo if the European Union doesn’t more quickly grant them accession. The last war in Kosovo, which NATO ultimately joined, was fought in large measure because the Kosovar Albanians envisioned such a move as a step toward a “Greater Albania” which would dominate the region.

Serbian officials warned that such a move would immediately draw other Balkan nations with Albanian minorities into the war, with Macedonia and Montenegro likely to quickly get sucked in. So far, neither EU nor NATO officials have commented, though they will likely be loath to agree with Serbia publicly.

Ultimately, this issue is in great measure a consequence of NATO’s involvement in the 1999 war, and its “resolution” of the war being a situation in which Kosovo was left in more or less permanent limbo, torn between the Greater Albania ambition and its historic ties to Serbia.

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  • wootendw

    NATO’s war on Serbia to create the (narco/human trafficking) ‘state’ of Kosovo out of historic Serbian territory was a gross violation of the 1648 Westphalia agreement.

    • bob balkas

      Serbia as state did not exist in 1648. It, Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia were Ottoman possessions.

      • wootendw

        Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word ‘agreement’. The accords have, over the centuries, become guiding principles among European and other nations. That means no wars just to change a border nor any border changes without agreement among all affected (e.g., Czechoslovakia in the 90s).

        • Eileen Kuch

          You have quite a valid point here. NATO’s war on Serbia to create the narco/human trafficking “state” of Kosovo out of historic Serbian territory was, indeed, a gross violation of the Westphalia Accords of 1648.
          NATO shouldn’t have even existed at this time, once the Warsaw Pact and USSR collapsed, ending the Cold War.
          NATO hasn’t been a defensive organization since 1990, following the dissolution of the USSR. Then President George H. W. Bush pledged the new Russian Federation President Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO wouldn’t advance even another two inches .. However, once Gorbachev resigned and Boris Yeltsin replaced him, and Bill Clinton replaced Bush ’41 as POTUS, that pledge was immediately broken and annexed the Central and E. European nations into the fold. From that moment on, NATO changed from a defensive North Atlantic Treaty Organization into an offensive North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, which it still is today.

          • survivor

            NATO today is North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

      • survivor

        dude, ancient history. It is like the southwest of the U.S. was part of Mexico less than 200 years ago soooo does that mean today Mexico or ethnic Mexicans can now take away the southwest from the U.S. violently if necessary?

  • raisin scone

    Serbs are being demonized in the media yet again. Fortunately, unlike the past, there is the power of the internet to provide clarity on false claims, such as genocide in Kosovo.

    • kane

      The power of propaganda.
      The only genocide that occured eas that of albanians.

      If you care so mich for thevermin serbs, perhaps you shouldnt have elected an extremist nationalist terrorist.

      But we all know this is just crocodile tears. We know that only genocide pacifies the average serb.

      Even to day, you are rattling like a snake, for war.
      Next time, dont cry to russia for support, but that seems to be a given already.

      You are more pathetic than i realized. I hope those nato bombs DU laden, didnt mutate your brain, or is it russian oil that does that.

      • joesixpack31

        Kane, you are a vicious creature. I assume you are a freeloading Albanian muslim. Everywhere you muslims go there is instability and trouble. You worship death. When you are not killing infidels, you are killing one another. The best solution for a pieceful world would be to dump your kind somewhere out in the African desert.

  • dieter heymann

    This is another warning that a breakup of the EU will lead to yet another war in Europe. Great Britain and potentially a Le Pen France play with fire and Trump is no longer the world’s fireman.

  • bob balkas

    According to historians i read [among them also Noel Malcolm] Kosovo became for the first time Serb by its conquest of Kosovo early 13th C.
    Serbs then held it for ca 250 y or until Serbia had been conquered by the Ottoman empire ca 1460.
    So, after Serb arrival in the Balkans ca 620 AD, Kosovo was not Serb for ca six centuries.
    After the fall of Serbia mid 15th C, Kosovo ceased to be part of Serbia until 1919. That’s another 450 years that Kosovo did not belong to Serbia.

    Comparing Crimea with Kosovo, we se significant differences. One of them is that Crimea was only [if i am not mistaken] 64% russian or russian speaking; while Kosovo was about 85% albanian.

    In spite of this difference i welcomed, annexation of Crimea. And i welcome not only separation of Kosovo from Serbia, but also Kosovo joining Albania.

    Serbs have no moral or legal grounds to interfere in any kosovar affairs; on account that it attacked Bosnia early ’92 to split it in three parts and annex roughly 70% of Bosnia.

    Russia can quiet down Serbs and stop them from threatening any Balkan region or country with war. In case of yet another Serb war, a war will also break up in Bosnia as Bosniaks are already itching and ready for it; on the account that Bosnians Serbs still work on joining Serbia.

    The new war may also drag Croatia into it; on the account that Bosnian Croats still want join Croatia.
    In early ’93, Croatia also aggressed against Bosniaks to wrest a pice of Bosnia from Bosniaks, but it its percentage of Bosnians fell from 17% to just about 12%.

    • Chris Shiherlis

      The Decan chrysobulls (1321–31) of Serbian king Stefan Decanski contains a detailed list of households and villages in Metohija and northwestern Albania. The first charter concludes that this region was ethnically Serbian.[15] 89 settlements with 2,666 households were recorded, out of which 86 were Serbian (96,6%), and 3 were Albanian (3,3%); there were 2,166 livestock households of 2,666 agricultural households, out of which 2,122 were Serbian (98%), and 44 were Albanian (2%)

  • rosemerry

    “NATO’s involvement in the 1999 war, and its “resolution”
    Jason, NATO WAS the war! NATO’s terrible attack and destruction, and the “independence” of Kosovo and demonizing of Serbia ever since, made NATO seem to be important once its function in the Cold War was no longer needed.

    • kane

      The only thing more obsolete than nato is Russia itself.

      Its a corpse that clings to parasitism. A simple scrutiny of its failed demographics and ethnic makeup reveals that its a joke.

      The next “kosova” will be within russian borders. 😉

      Also if you hate us albanians, seperation was a gopd idea.

      If you just want to steal territory, a bullet may pacify your inner vuolent tendencies.

  • unam_sanctum

    Kosovars are ethnic Albanians, basically.. Albania and Serbia should split the difference here.. but Kosovo is NATO’s creation. They won’t let their baby be split in half.

  • survivor

    This time Serbia I think Russia will have your back and if NATO decides to act as the terrorist state Albania’s air force, they will be in a world of hurt. Different Russia today than in 1999 when they were weak and led by a drunk. And NATO and the U.S. have the nerve to criticize Crimea voting to rejoin Russia when NATO and the U.S. violently stole Kosovo away from Serbia which looks like to be gobbled up by Albania.

  • kane

    Great albania is a slur by serbian extremist terrorists.
    The right word is historic albania, carved away in1878.

    Also Dardania Or the Republic of Kosovo has thw right to choose for itself.

    We wipl rwjoin with albania, a nd the servs can rightfully fck back to russia if they so like. We have nothing in common with genocidal creatues like the serbs or the Russians.;)

    🙂 Have a nice day.