Taliban Infiltrates Afghan Base, Killing Over 140 Soldiers

Attackers Wore Afghan Uniforms, Drove Military Vehicles

The Taliban has carried out its deadliest attack against Afghan military forces in nearly a year today, infiltrating the army base in the northern Balkh Province, near Mazar-i-Sharif, and carrying out multiple major attacks, leaving over 140 Afghan security forces reported killed in the incident.

The attackers managed to sneak past the initial security gate, and were described as having driven a pair of Afghan military vehicles, while wearing Afghan uniforms. When confronted at a secondary gate, one carried out a suicide attack, while the rest scattered.

Amid the confusion, some of the other attackers made their way to the on-base military mosque, opening fire on those within. At least one gunman also found his way into the dining facilitiy on the base and went on a shooting rampage there, killing many.

US officials reported that there were members of the coalition on the base at the time of the attack, but that there were no casualties among NATO forces in the incident. The Pentagon issued a statement saying the Taliban’s attack on a military base proved their “barbaric nature.”

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • As opposed to the totally non-barbaric raping of child sex slaves (Bacha Nazi) by this same Afghan Army?

    As opposed to the totally non-barbaric taking of body parts as trophies by the “coalition forces”?

    As opposed to the totally non-barbaric routine drone murder of civilians by these same “coalition forces”?

    Truly barbaric, these Taliban.

    • Yep, most Taleb’s are just the regional equivalent of Hillbillies. They’re just simple rural folk. Despite their lack of anything resembling proper resources and capabilities, they are not to be underestimated. If those guys had actual proper military training and support, nobody would stand a chance against them. Not even with nukes.

  • objwriters&analysts

    It beats my imagination that Taliban forces could still infiltrate Afghan military bases and carry out attacks on governments forces. This goes to show the level of poor air surveilance by NATO and Afghan forces. There is need to do more in area of air coverage on the part of NATO.

    • Joao Alfaiate

      Why should it surprise you? Gov’t forces “fight” to maintain a foreign occupation while the Taliban resist that occupation. Just ask the Brits, Russians, etc. whether Afghan resistance can be defeated. Uncle Sam, NATO, etc., etc. have been at it for 15 years and have wasted countless lives and many billions of dollars with no end in sight.

      • eric

        Oh I think the end is in sight . We just refuse to face the facts We should have left the South Korean Christians in Afghanistan to explain another alternative way to follow Gods laws

  • wars r u.s.

    We blindly drop MOAB’s on to who knows what. They attack a military base and they are the barbarians.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Gotta say it’s more cost effective than the Mother-of-all-Headlines bomb. It also seems seems the distinction between civilization and savagery has been boiled down to the ability kill from the relative safety of high altitude or a ship on the ocean, and the luxury of experiencing killing as a grainy black & white gun cam video.

  • Tootsy McSnooglsbum

    Oh the ineptitude of the Afghan Army. Made up almost entirely of illiterate third world peasants conscripts. How do they keep losing? Weird.

  • Joao Alfaiate

    Glad superior American technology has got the Taliban on the run after fifteen years.

  • eric

    NATO , if we had a few true believers , we could do the same thing to the Taliban . We could send in a suicide bomber or two and wipe out the Taliban leadership . But we have no believers so we can’t defeat the Taliban , ISIS , AlNusra or AlQaeda . Maybe we best surrender .

  • Maheswar Deka

    Damages the Taliban are doing in their own country are now a regular feature.So,no one feels any surprise.The important thing is how to safe Afghanistan from being destroyed.The Afghanistan government and the coalition forces will need to be more strategic to defeat the Taliban militants.



    Still no mention of the nuclear capable Russian bear bombers that invaded American and Canadian airspace.The USA had to scramble F-22 fighter jets to chase them out 4 times this week.Funny how there’s all these stories about American aggression but Russia’s invading 2 other nations airspace with its bombers gets no mention on this supposed antiwar site. antiwar my ass more like anti-America…USA

    • No mention of it because it never happened. The US made a big deal of “intercepting” Russian aircraft in international air space, as if those aircraft weren’t doing the same thing US aircraft do 24/7 — probing sensitive but open areas to see what happens.

  • nck

    Its barbaric to attack a military facility. It i snot barbaric for the US to bomb villagers and funeral processions.