South Korea: North’s Failed Missile Test Threatens ‘Whole World’

McMaster Blasts 'Provocative and Destabilizing and Threatening' Test

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement condemning neighboring North Korea, both for its large military parade on the weekend’s important natiional holiday, and for a failed missile test, which they insisted amounted to a threat to “the whole world.

US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster concurred, issuing a statement declaring the failed test to have been “provocative and destabilizing and threatening, “a description which took longer to say than the unidentified missile did to explode on attempted launch off the nation’s east coast.

This was the latest in a series of failed missile tests by North Korea. Officials say they do not believe this was an ICBM, but the failure happened so quickly no one was able to definitively identify what sort of missile it was even supposed to be.

The launch comes amid growing concerns that the US plans to attack North Korea soon, and as US officials are continuing to rail against North Korea for “provocations,” those concerns are likely to continue to rise across the region.

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