Turkey Rebrands Syria Operation, No Troop Changes

Officials Say Name of Operation Is Just Being Changed

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yilidrim made a surprise announcement today, declaring that Operation Euphrates Shield, the name for the Turkish military’s invasion of Syria, which began in August of last year, has come to an end. Unsurprisingly, it’s not actually true.

No troop withdrawals are being considered, and other officials suggested that the troops are going to remain, and that the continued offensive against Kurdish territory in Syria is going to continue despite this so-called “end” to the operation.

While officials still haven’t totally clarified the deal on the premier’s statement, some have said that the “ending” of Euphrates Shield is little more than a paperwork exercise, and that the Turkish government intends to change the operation’s name. The new name for the operation has not been announced yet.

This may, however, hint at a change in strategy for the Turkish military forces in the country, as they’ve seized all the readily accessible ISIS territory and seem to be shifting toward more fights against Kurdish forces further to the east. In all likelihood this will mean an escalation of the operation, with the Kurdish forces heavily backed by the US.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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