US Airstrike Hit North Syria Mosque, Killing Scores

Pentagon Says Attack Meant to Target al-Qaeda Meeting Nearby

New evidence is emerging on yesterday‘s bombing of a mosque in the Northwest Syrian village of al-Jineh, in the Aleppo Province, with reports of rising death tolls and recovered pieces of the bomb showing that it was, in fact, a US airstrike.

The Pentagon had initially denied that they had attacked the mosque, but did claim that they attacked an “al-Qaeda meeting” right across the street from it. They even went so far as to speculate that someone else might’ve just happened to bomb the mosque around the same time.

The recovery of US bomb fragments from the mosque, however, changed this narrative, with CENTCOM now promising an investigation into the attack on the mosque. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the death toll at 42, mostly civilians, yesterday, but the mosque had over 300 people inside at the time of the attack, and some are reporting the toll has risen to around 75 civilians.

On the border between Aleppo and Idlib Provinces, al-Jineh is in rebel-held territory, and the Pentagon’s claims regarding the strike suggest they believe the village is held by al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front, or at least used by them as a meeting place.

It wouldn’t be particularly unusual for Nusra to use a mosque as a meeting place, though in this case it appears they did not do so, and simply happened to be nearby. Given the small size of al-Jineh, most of the buildings of any size are likely at least relatively close to the mosque.

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  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Winning hearts and minds.

    • Yeah, by blowing them out of peoples bodies.

    • Hank

      The USA is just sowing the seeds of “terrorism”. When these people finally have had enough and fight back they are considered “terrorists”, which is good for the military/industrial clique profits. Imagine how Americans would react if a foreign nation bombed a Catholic or Baptist of church or a synagogue was bombed! This was no accident- the USA counts on stirring up populations with acts like this(weddings, funerals, emergency workers). This nation has been subverted and taken over by war criminals who could care less about any casualties, including American casualties(911 and the cleanup crews who were told the air was OK to breathe!) I just wonder how many Trump “supporters” are OK with the continuation of mass murder on the part of the USA, because that is exactly why I didn’t vote for Clinton!

      • I agree 100%. I actually think that Trump has already been compromised. The Syria and Yemen bombings prove this. It will be interesting to see how Justin Raimondo absorbs the reality of Trump, for afterall, this website promotes Anti-War.

  • Tom Mauel

    It defies logic. Was there a high value target in the mosque? I thought al-
    Nusra was a nominal U.S. ally? The U.S. blasted Russia for bombing al Nusra just a few months ago.

  • Tom Mauel

    Does this signal a shift in policy? Will Trump be going after al-Nusra. Obama wasoften critical of Russia for striking his nominal ally in Syria.

  • ….and another Trump war crime! Somebody should be keeping track of these things since Justin clearly isn’t interested in the job. The shaved orangutan appears to be making a go at Obama’s record for land-speed mass slaughter. Guinness waits with baited breath.

    • Neuromancer

      You forget—if the US does it, it’s not a crime.

  • shishani

    the post should read< US Airstrikes cuz there were two and not one airstrike, after the first airstrike people ran to help the wounded then came the second one, what makes it worst, the strikes accord on Friday prayer were every one attends and we wounder why some of them hates us.

    • Small

      “Double Tap” airstrikes or dronestrikes have become a common American tactic. Precisely what you describe …. ie, bomb a place, then when people run to help, attack again to take out the first responders

  • MvGuy

    What policy was responsile for this atrocity..??? Just bomb mosques to kill as many Muslims as possible…???? Sadly, it sure looks like Trump is either being scammed by the Generals, or totally out of touch about what course of action is best for America….. In either case, Trump cums up SHORT on savy and clout… We can only hope that this is his learning curve for controlling the generals and working out what actions he should take. And NOT his actual poliçy..

    Is there a policy, or just a series of boasts and blunders in place of one.

    I want to give him support, but this double tap (bombing the rescuing first responders after the initial attack) has got me wondering if things have gone beyond the pall for this Trump supporter and move the needle to watching and hoping..

  • Tom Mauel

    Previous to this bombing the U.S. was covertly supporting ai-Nusra and al-Qaeda. If the U.S. is changing policy than the next move might be a suicide bombing directed at the more than 2,000 U.S. ground combat forces in Syria.

  • wootendw

    The USG giveth alNusra (and ISIS) to Syria. The USG taketh civilians away.

  • Yep, 21.02.2017 US Confirms It Used Depleted Uranium in Syria

    The US and its allies have many times attacked Russia for alleged «indiscriminate bombing in support of the Syrian government, including cluster bombs. The accusations have been denied and never proven. Now the US military has confirmed it misinformed public about its use of munitions in Syria which cause harm to civilians.

  • December 30, 2016 U.S. Is Selling Weapons That Kill A Child Every 10 Minutes

    While the world has been transfixed on the epic tragedy in Syria, another tragedy — a hidden one — has been consuming the children of Yemen. Battered by the twin evils of war and hunger, every 10 minutes a child in Yemen dies from malnutrition, diarrhea, or respiratory-tract infections, UNICEF reports. And without immediate medical attention, over 400,000 kids suffering from severe acute malnutrition could die, too. Why are so many of Yemen’s children going hungry and dying?

  • Sam333

    The interesting bit is that now that the Obama/Kerry/Clinton crew is out of the swamp, suddenly the US now seems a whole lot more interested in attacking Al-Qaida. Both in Yemen and in Syria there seem to be a lot of US air strikes at Al-Qaida linked targets that Obama didn’t seem very interested in bombing.

    Who says elections can’t change anything.

    • wars r u.s.

      And this is a good thing?

      • Walter O’Reilly

        Its better than giving Al-Qaida guns and missiles like before the election.

        • wars r u.s.

          Doesn’t make it good. Just like Trump not being good because Hillary was worse.

  • You have to understand there is no “reason” for bombing; they just want to bomb.

  • DoxyWind

    Ah, so now they are moving on to the ‘promise an investigation’ stage.

    We know of course that this will lead at most to some Pentagram official saying “Ooops, it was a mistake. Sorry about that.”

    And if that somehow is not enough, they’ll find a couple of enlisted personel and maybe a junior officer to blame for it.