Sen. Rand Paul Hits Back at McCain Over Montenegro Vote

'Past His Prime' McCain Makes a Good Case for Term Limits

The row between Sens. John McCain (R – AZ) and Rand Paul (R – KY) over a vote on Montenegro’s NATO membership bid continued into its second day, with Sen. Paul today suggesting the 80-year-old Senate Armed Services chairman is “past his prime” and that his “unhinged” behavior makes a strong case for having term limits in the Senate.

Sen. McCain was seeking a unanimous consent vote on Montenegro joining NATO yesterday, and failed to get it when Sen. Paul expressed his objection to the measure and walked out. A furious McCain railed against Paul, declaring that he “is now working for Vladimir Putin,” and insisting there was no good reason to deny Montenegro membership.

Sen. Paul issued a statement yesterday following the incident arguing that with the US so deeply in debt and already involved in so many places overseas, it would be irresponsible to take on more military obligations, and a new NATO member would be another nation the US is obliged to defend.

Sen. Paul noted in his comments today that the Montenegrins are not even strongly supportive of the government’s NATO bid, with polling showing them split on the matter, saying that like Ukraine they appear to be in a transitional stage between ties with Europe and Asia, and that there was nothing wrong with them remaining neutral.

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  • RickR35

    Well said, Rand. Except that MadMcCain hasn’t “gotten a little bit unhinged.” He’s been seriously unhinged for a while.

    • TonyVodvarka

      I would expect he has severe PTSD. As V. Putin said in response to one of his childish insults, “He left his brains in a hole in Vietnam.”

      • RickR35

        That’s not an excuse anymore. With all the money he gets from israel he could have gotten round the clock therapy for decades.

        • TonyVodvarka

          No excuse, just a fact.

      • Mike Ehling

        “He left his brains in a hole in Vietnam.”

        Personally, I like stealing a line from LBJ and saying, “McCain crashed too many airplanes without wearing a flight helmet.”

        And instead of “MadMcCain,” I like the nickname “Boom-Boom.” (Based on that “Bomb Bomb Iran” business.) “Boom-Boom” has a sound of childishness that can really stick to him.

        Gotta say this for him, though. Boom-Boom’s definitely our greatest warrior-hero since Buck Turgidson. And at least Boom-Boom heard what Rand had to say and wasn’t too busy, for a change, playing poker on his i-phone.

        • TonyVodvarka

          Buck Turgidson lives! “I didn’t say we wouldn’t get our hair mussed a bit”, referring to an atomic exchange. I think the quote about the helmet rephrased a comment about Gerald Ford from Lyndon Johnson, “He played too much football with his helmet off.”

  • Andrew_Nichols

    suggesting the 80-year-old Senate Armed Services chairman is “past his prime” and that his “unhinged” behavior makes a strong case for having term limits in the Senate. BINGO. Why has it taken this long for someone over there to raise this obvious matter. McCain is senile and f..king dangerous. We used to laugh at all those aged Soviet and Chinese leaders but this guy is just as ridiculous.

    • TonyVodvarka

      The reports of McCain’s contribution to a disastrous fire on his aircraft carrier (more than seventy seamen died, he was transferred out immediately after the incident) and his collaboration with his captors as a POW suggest he was dangerous as a young man.

    • Don

      Being aged and prowar is something entirely different than being senile. That’s only the excuse Rand Paul wants to use. The real problem with McCain is common to lots of younger people.

      And likely just as common to Rand Paul if he was put to the test. Has he ever failed the party line when it comes to the crunch on his country’s wars.

      (that’s a serious question)

    • Halit

      Spot on.

  • ALEXANDRU Nemoianu

    That McCain is unhinged and an embarrassment to human condition is a FACT!

  • Don

    “A new nation the US would have to defend”

    That’s about where it is with Rand Paul. Money considerations, McCain’s age, and not much about our antiwar cause.

    Better than nothing but not much!

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Dear Rand … please do it to him a few more times and let’s hope he gets so mad he strokes out.

  • ATM

    John and his nutty shenanigans. Ron just needs to publicaly ask John to kindly switch to the Democratic Party where he should have been all along.

  • McCain is a certifiable wack-job. I’m pretty sure he was born past his prime. The same can’t be said for veritable fossils like Ralph Nader, Ramsey Clark and Rand’s papa Ron. Just a few older folks who I’d much rather see running the country than McCain or even Rand for that matter. Age ain’t nothing but a number. It’s brains and balls that count.