Sen. John McCain: Rand Paul Is Working for Vladimir Putin

Sen. John McCain: Rand Paul Is Working for Vladimir Putin | ‘The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin’

Sen. John McCain (R – AZ) has never been very good at handling not getting his way in votes on the floor of the Senate, but today lashed out in a rage after Sen. Rand Paul (R – KY) blocked his bid for unanimous consent on Montenegro joining NATO, declaring that Rand Paul “is now working for Vladimir Putin.

McCain sought to avoid any resistance to the effort by saying that only Vladimir Putin could reject Montenegro’s NATO membership, and suggesting anyone who didn’t give him the result he wanted was doing Putin’s bidding. Sen. Paul quickly stood up, voiced his objection, and left.

McCain was livid, making the declaration, and insisting that the fact that Paul voiced his objection and left without elaborating proved that he had no good reason for doing so, insisting no Senator could have a problem with tiny Montenegro joining NATO.

Sen. Paul did issue a statement explaining his opposition, however, saying the US is already engaged militarily in dozens of countries, and has pledged to defend 28 NATO members military as well, saying he believes it is unwise for the debt-ridden US to take on more military obligations.

It is possible that Sen. McCain could face censure from the Senate for “impugning the motive of a colleague,” which the statement undoubtedly amounts to. McCain’s office already issued a “clarification” that removed the allegation and instead asked for a reasoning why “brave” Montenegro was denied from “joining in the defense of the free world.” The Senate leadership has not yet said if McCain faces any further reprimand, though this is certainly not his first time going off the rails on the floor when he didn’t get his way.

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  • RickR35

    And for how long has MadMcCain been working for netenyahoo and Satan?

    • Eileen Kuch

      Hmmm. I’ll have to take a guess re Bibi Boo-Boo, Rick, but he’s been working for Satan at least since graduation from the Naval Academy. My guess – Mad McCain’s been working for Bibi Boo-Boo for as long as he’s been Prime Minister.
      In Vietnam, McCain’s been known as “Songbird”, for all the information he told his N. Vietnamese captors.

  • armdkny

    Is there a law stating the illegality of one Senator knocking out another in the chamber??

  • Gary Sellars

    Mcshitstain is a senile old scumbag

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Ugh if a nation could have a rectal wart, McCain would be America’s…

    • Tecumseh1768

      Not a good comparison, a rectal wart is more easily removed.

  • EME

    ‘The Senator From Kentucky Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin…

    Putin to Mad Dog McCain:
    ‘Here boy, here boy. Don’t poop on Mr. Paul’s front lawn!’

  • jsinton

    It happens. Senile and cranky some days.

  • Andrew_Nichols

    Rand Paul should get him to repeat it outside the house and sue the pants of the senile old pensioner.

    • Irvan

      Rand should sue the bastard anyway. He would win the suit hands down.

      • O rly

        an elected member of congress can say what ever they want on the house or senate floor, and no one can do anything to them.

        rand paul could spend every day reciting top secret documents in to the record all day and nothing can be done.

        mccain can defame and libel anyone he wants and nothing can be done,

        except only one of those things happens/

  • TonyVodvarka

    As Putin said in response to one of McCain’s childish insults, “He left his brains in a hole in Vietnam.”

    • Eileen Kuch

      That he did, Tony. That’s a brilliant one 😀

    • Irvan

      WELL SAID!!!

    • Mike Ehling

      Boom-Boom McCain crashed too many airplanes without wearing a flight helmet. (a line borrowed from LBJ, with modification)

      • TonyVodvarka

        He managed to get away with three aircraft lost, I suppose, because his father was the commander of the Pacific theater of war at the time of his service, including a disaster on an aircraft carrier that he might have been implicated in, from which he was swiftly transferred. While a POW, he revealed all he knew and made propaganda broadcasts for his captors.

  • curmudgeonvt

    “…Senate leadership has not yet said if McCain faces any further reprimand…”

    Don’t hold your breath.

  • GeorgyOrwell

    John McCain is working for Satan!

  • Neuromancer

    What else do the people of Arizona need?

  • p0rkch0pian

    Manchurian Candidate. How did the NV warp McCainez’ brain?

  • wars r u.s.

    Rand Paul sounds like what everyone wanted Trump to sound like. But we’re stuck with the real Trump.

  • Jonnydeen

    I’m in AZ, how do we get rid of this SOB? He’s like an STD that wont go away because old people like him. Why would they like him!?

    • survivor

      Blame the same senile fools in Sun City who keep reelecting this senile fool.

  • unam_sanctum

    Talk like this makes me miss the Habsburgs.

  • Bianca

    The brave Montenegro has 2,000 soldiers. It has mostly impassable mountains, and folks up there barely heard of Hitler while WWII was raging around them. The brave little Montenegro has been ruled by the king of smuggling trade, utterly corrupt Djukanovic. And he would not allow NATO membership go to referendum. People are opposed. On the day of the last election he staged false news that some Russian agents are after him. This has been in our MSM called “Russian intervention in Montenegro elections”. Everybdy in the region is laughing — but it is good enough for McCain.

  • Feb 28, 2017 John McCain’s Dirty Little Secret Just Got Exposed

    Will this finally be the thing that brings down Senator John McCain? Not sure, but it definitely makes him squirm more than anything I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • Eileen Kuch

      I hope this dirty little secret that’s just been exposed will end his career forever, Brian. Since McCain’s nonprofit organization received $1 million from Saudi Arabia in the form of a bribe, ol’ John will be in very hot water.
      Here’s another investigation for AG Jeff Sessions to conduct.

      • You can help make this happen Eileen Kuch by sharing this video report. Easy as 1,2,3!

  • September 06, 2013 Senator John McCain, Foreign Relations “Adviser” to Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria

    Senator John McCain is a criminal who provided support to terrorist groups. He belongs in jail, not in the US Senate. And certainly not in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations which has granted Obama the “Green Light” to bomb Syria.

  • Irvan

    McCain is a PURE ASS! Why ANYONE honors his service to this country is beyond me. He has been a thorn in the side of this country ever since his return from Viet Nam. I just wish I could have five minutes of time in his presence.

  • Mike Ehling

    Come on now, folks, calm down and give Boom-Boom McCain some credit. He’s really improving. He was paying attention to Senate proceedings instead of playing poke on his i-phone.

  • survivor

    Everything McCain says about Putin is really him looking in the mirror. McCain is a poster child for term limits.