US Officials: Russia Might Send Snowden to US to Please Trump

US Officials: Russia Might Send Snowden to US to Please Trump | Claims intelligence came since inauguration

Unnamed US officials are telling NBC News that they have gathered intelligence which leads them to believe Russia is considering sending NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to the US as a gift to try to “curry favor” with President Trump.

One of the officials claimed that the idea of sending Snowden to the US was “one of various ploys” Russia is considering to try to get on President Trump’s good side. Russia called the reports “nonsense,” and indeed Russia just extended Snowden’s asylum less than a month ago.

The ACLU downplayed the idea, saying no one on Snowden’s legal team had heard anything of such discussion ongoing in Russia, and saw no reason for new concern. Snowden, on the other hand, presented the report as vindication, saying it proved he wasn’t cooperating with Russian intelligence.

Interest in US hostility toward Russia continues to drive some views of any US action, with former Bush aide Juan Zarafe urging Trump to refuse any offer to return Snowden, saying taking the whistleblower back would signal improved US-Russia relations, and would raise privacy concerns within the US.

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  • RickR35

    Oh sure, and Bolton and Abrahams were minutes away from a job with State. The fake intelligence/news machine just keeps on going.

  • Zakharova’s response to Morrell was absolutely beautiful.

    “The funniest thing is that the former deputy director of the C.I.A. !!! does not know that Snowden’s residence permit in Russia was just extended for a couple more years,”

    “And seriously, the essence of what the C.I.A. agent is suggesting is an ideology of betrayal,” she wrote. “You spoke, Mr. Morrell, and now it’s clear to everybody that in your office, it’s normal to bring gifts in the form of people, and to hand over those who seek defense.”

    • Valerianus Maximus

      While many of us read RT and Sputnik News and thus are aware of official Russian responses to the news fakers, it would be very useful if anti would synthesize foreign viewpoints into the articles they post.

      • RT? Sputnik? She posted this on Facebook, which was then picked up by the NYT. RT indeed.

  • bob balkas

    Russia faking the fake news or is it US, or rather, MSNBC doing it. MSM is one of the best in faking/refaking the fake news-views.

  • jeff_davis

    “Unnamed US officials”

    Fake news. No need to read any further.

  • Don

    It won’t happen. And I’m going to add to that something for Americans to have some fun with:

    Snowden was a double agent. He’s already home. In Russia that is.

    It’s going to feel good for Americans to brush that off as more lunacay but if anybody wants to debate it seriously then I would suggest you read a few books on Snowden first.

    Because I have.

    • Dennis Boylon

      you are an idiot