Trump Promises ‘Historic Financial Investment’ in Military

Accuses Media of Ignoring Terror Attacks

Playing up the idea that we live in “troubled, troubled times,” President Trump today vowed to make “a historic financial investment” in the US military, saying it would prove America’s commit to the defense of freedom worldwide.

Though Trump offered no details as to what this would do to his budgets, it appears to mark a break from previous comments, in which he heavily implied that increased spending on warships and planes would be paid for by savings in getting the cost of weapons programs under control.

Those suggestions had been widely doubted, despite the massive costs of some of those weapons programs, and indeed the sheer scale of the expansion of the military envisioned is likely to be budget-breaking irrespective of what savings might be coaxed out of things like the F-35 program.

Trump sought to defend this shift by arguing that the global terror situation is far worse than anyone realizes, and claiming that the global media has refused to cover large numbers of terrorist attacks. The White House is supposedly going to provide a list in the future, though Trump declined to offer a single example, accusing the media of “having their reasons” to keep terrorism a secret.

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  • RickR35

    Right…because all the unaccounted blac=nk checks the Pentagon gets every year aren’t enough of an “investment.”

  • Ricardo Cabeza

    The F-35 already is a historic financial investment — in pork.

  • EME

    make “a historic financial investment” in the US military…

    I guess the ONE TRILLION bucks the Pentagon swindles each year from USG taxpayers apparently isn’t a big enough ‘investment’ for Trump.

    Much of Trump’s financial ‘investment’ will likely be skimmed off the top
    and go directly into the coffers of greedy defense contractors.

    ‘America’s commit to the defense of freedom worldwide’ and its so-called
    ‘War on Terror’ is bullshit. Perpetual war is big business for the corrupt
    USG establishment that couldn’t give a damn about the innocent women
    and children it slaughters around the world.

    As usual, USG taxpayers will get stuck with the bill for this ‘investment’.
    Perhaps Trump could use the cash saved by cutting off the food stamps he
    claimed are being hoarded by all those ‘foreigners’ living in the USG.

  • rosemerry

    “America’s commit to the defense of freedom worldwide.” lol but it is not funny;
    Has he not noticed that the USA is overarmed, never wins its wars, makes terrorism worse and that global warming and nuclear expansion are vastly greater dangers than “Islamic terror” in the USA, which is infinitesimal?
    Such professed ignorance and belligerence is going too far-Iran has already politely forgiven Trump as “inexperienced”, and Russia does not really expect any difference from Obama, but the rest of us want to survive the next four years at least!!

  • wars r u.s.

    Geez, I hope the Donald didn’t really mean what he said. AGAIN!!!!!

  • Bastiat

    America is not the policeman of the world, and should not be responsible for defending freedom worldwide.

  • Don

    Answer to Pat Buchanan’s hope and change bull-hit: Trump said a lot of things in his campaign speeches. Most of which were invented in order to oppose Hillary. And vice versa with Hillary. Then they both got carried away with their opposing rhetoric and everything got exaggerated and blown out of proportion. That led to a lot being invented for the sole purpose of opposing the other.

    Case in point: Hillary demonized Putin so Trump built up Putin, then Hillary demonized more and Trump had to build up Putin more. And so on. It was never anything more than that, but that’s the hard cold truth that has yet to come. (make your own choice on which came first)

    Trump said things about friendly relations with Russia and cooperating with Putin before he understood what he was talking about. Now he’s boxed in to coming good on his rhetoric and so he will have to announce the big letdown gradually. There is absolutely no doubt it’s coming though.

    In order for Trump’s supporters to be able to swallow the big letdown, it’s going to be necessary for Trump’s accomplices to spin it to them in a way that makes it acceptable.

    What a fu–ing joke! Did anybody think that Trump was going to change US foreign policy?

  • 267July

    As Social Security/Medicare get cut.