Ukraine President: World Must Unite to Fight Russia

Says US Leading Anti-Russia Efforts Would 'Make America Great Again'

Visiting the Davos World Economic Forum, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko offered his usual speech urging a global alliance to form to confront Russia militarily, something he’s been talking up, interspersed with predictions of imminent World War 3, since taking office.

Poroshenko offered a bit of an alternate version today, however, making a good chunk of the speech about Trump, insisting he thought Trump’s cabinet appointees were promising and that he believes¬† the way to “make America great again” would be to lead the anti-Russia operations.

He went on to insist that NATO is not obsolete in any way, but serves as the only security bulwark against Russia on the entire planet, and that only NATO can “stop the aggression,” going on to express confidence that with NATO’s help, Ukraine would one day again rule over the Crimean Peninsula.

Poroshenko has made his political career on scapegoating Russia, of course, and this is just one more chance for a big speech hyping the world’s “obligation” to crack down on the Russians. It is unlikely, however, that President-elect Trump will take the comments too seriously, as he appears on track for at least some improvement in US-Russia ties, a stark contrast from the endless escalation of tensions that the last several years has seen.

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  • richard young

    Somebody should inform the Ukrainian president that Israel already has the dog-wagging tail position, and that he will have to stand in line a bit more distant from the US anus.

  • RickR35

    This clown’s still around?

    • curmudgeonvt

      I’m pretty sure Victoria put him on the Sate Dept payroll…

    • Don

      A clown with the backing of the most powerful country in the world.

      And also fwiw, soon the backing of it’s president. (after Trump has been briefed (educated) by normal warmongers who will be working his strings.

      At least Hillary was smart enough to work ‘their’ strings instead of the other way around. Maybe Trump wasn’t all that great a choice??

      • RickR35

        Don’t get so far ahead of yourself.

        • Don

          If you have something to say to me then just say it. Don’t hint around at something that’s not going to be understood by anybody but you.

          luv from Canada.

      • Eileen Kuch

        Apparently, Don, you DON’T KNOW Donald Trump. As i’ve told you several times before, Trump’s his own man. He’s a multi-billionaire who’s financed his own campaign last year, and won the election on the premise of putting the US first and ending all of his predecessor’s unending illegal wars of aggression in Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
        These areas are well within Russia’s interests .. especially, Ukraine. The US has no business there, as it’s on the other side of the world. Remember, Don, Ukraine borders Russia, and the two nations had very good relations under Ukraine’s ousted President, Viktor Yanukovych. It was the US, on Obama’s watch, that successfully orchestrated the illegal violent coup against the democratically-elected govt of Yanukovych .. that brought about the secession of Crimea and its reunion with Russia, followed by the secession of the two Donbass regions of Lugansk and Donetsk.
        As far as Killary Rotten Clinscum’s concerned, she was definitely not smart enough to work their strings. Her machinations in Libya didn’t work so well now, did it? Libya was the wealthiest, best educated nation in North Africa under Muammar Gaddafi, until Obama and HRC ordered that nation’s demise. Now, with Gaddafi gone, Libya’s in utter chaos .. as are its neighbors.

        • Don

          Eileen, instead of running off at the mouth on something you don’t understand, it would pay you to read what I say and pay attention some times.

          Yes, Eileen, Ukraine does border Russia. Well done! Making up names for people is really childish and you should stop it.

          And other than that, you’re the perfect patsy for believing in Trump. But you’re going to have to learn that fact bit by bit over the next few months.

          I think where you’re getting all confused is that you understand that if I’m opposed to one party’s stance (Trump’s), then you think I must have to be supportive of the other party’s (Hillary) That’s wrong because I”m opposed to both US political parties simply because they’re all corrupt bastards and warmongers to the nth.

          Have a great day dear!

          • Tom Mauel

            Your analysis is correct. Republicans supported the Obama Ukraine policy by a two to one majority. Trump is indicating he wants to normalize relations with Russia and that should mean an end to support for Poreshenko and the U.S. sponsored war in eastern Ukraine.

  • John Wells

    “The world” knows the current Ukraine regime came into power by overthrowing the last democratic, free,and fair election by all of the people of Ukraine.

  • Don

    Poroshenko has hit on the truth. He’s interpreted Trump’s bloviating on “Making America Great” again the way Trump really meant it.

    We should all know that because there’s no other way of makiing America great again. Unless maybe Trump thinks that Americans are going happily sing and wave old glory as they get new jobs that Mexicans once worked. For 5 bucks a day that is. With maybe a raise of a buck for Americans?

    Making America great in Trump’s mind was militarily, even though it can be argued on whether he has worked out any of the details. With Trump, that would be highly unlikely. It would be more like ‘a feeling’ of invincible power that can’t be challenged.

    luv from Canada.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Do us all a favor, Don, take your lying trash elsewhere. The rest of us on this thread are sick and tired of reading all this BS.
      Pol Pot Shenko’s nothing more than a tin-pot dictator who – like his master, Obama, who lies to us – lies to the Ukrainian people.
      Do you really believe that Ukrainian citizens are living the good life under this tyrannical regime? Truth is, they’re not. It’s winter over there, and the population’s cold and hungry. They barely get by, and they want Pol Pot Shenko out.

      • Don

        You sure do get everything wrong Eileen!

        1. What I say is completely consistent with the thoughts of the brightest of those who take part on these boards.

        2. Making up names for world leaders you don’t like personallly is childish behaviour and it lessens the impact of everything you have to say.

        3. No, of course I don’t think Ukrainians are living the good life. I’m firmly convince that the US led revolution was not supported by anything even close to a majority of the people. If a free and fair vote was conducted, the people would definitely turn toward Russia.

        4. But at least we can agree on Poroshenko’s lack of popularity Eileen! One out of 4 isn’t bad for an American!

        • Tom Mauel

          I think you both are splitting hairs and are closer to agreement then you might think. Often we are preaching to the converted here so it is interesting to mix it up a little. There are plenty of dragons to slay in the days ahead.

  • Mark Thomason

    Of course the corrupt plutocrat wants the outside world to come fight his war for him.

    Oddly, not many are interested in doing so, even if they say comforting words for public press consumption.

  • unam_sanctum

    Porkoshanko, why don’t you do something constructive for Ukrainians instead of warmongering ? Oh yeah, because you couldn’t care less about real Ukrainians.

  • Andrew_Nichols

    Fascist nobody.

  • David S

    Did the Obama administration (aka – the enslaved US taxpayers) pay for this guy to be there to promote this agenda? Wouldn’t put it past him/them.

  • Erika Rehfeld

    This would not “Make America great again” but would distract attention from the rascalities that he and a group of unscrupulous Americans are responsible for.